Pain and Suffering Analysis

Maximize recovery for your client. Let a legal nurse consultant tell your client’s story. This report will include a summary of the medical records with emphasis placed on conscious physical and emotional pain and suffering.

This type of report should be considered for the following circumstances:

  • Severe injuries suffered from a work-related incident
  • Personal injury claims that are serious or catastrophic
  • Defective devices that may have caused horrific injuries
  • Severe injuries suffered from medical negligence

Your legal nurse consultant is keenly aware of sources of pain, both internal (injuries, surgery) and external (pain due to treatments); and that suffering can occur in the absence of pain, such as from a patient’s exposure to the health care system (lack of privacy, disruptions of sleep patterns, feelings of helplessness).

Your Pain and Suffering Analysis Report will include:

  • The patient’s social and medical history
  • A narrative summary of the medical record written in language that is understandable to the layperson
  • A non-biased account of the patient’s injuries and treatments
  • The patient’s responses to care and injury
  • Illustrations to explain injuries, invasive treatments, or procedures
  • Exhibits to show the patient’s level of awareness, response to pain, or signs of helplessness
  • If applicable, the report may include quotes taken from the medical record or diary entries kept by the patient or a family member

If allowed in your state, the legal nurse consultant preparing this report can provide testimony as a fact witness under Federal Rules of Evidence 1006.

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